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libteam がちょっといいかも


bondドライバに変わって、teamドライバと管理ツールteamd, teamdctlを使いますよという内容。

bonding driverとの比較。
LLDP(zero config)とかLACPのload-balancingとかは良さそう

 Bonding vs. Team driver features

Feature Bonding Team
broadcast TX policy Yes Yes
round-robin TX policy Yes Yes
active-backup TX policy Yes Yes
LACP (802.3ad) support Yes Yes
Hash-based TX policy Yes Yes
Highly customizable hash function setup No Yes
TX load-balancing support (TLB) Yes Yes
RX load-balancing support (ALB) Yes Planned
RX load-balancing support (ALB) in bridge or openvswitch No Planned
LACP hash port select Yes Yes
load-balancing for LACP support No Yes
Ethtool link monitoring Yes Yes
ARP link monitoring Yes Yes
NS/NA (IPV6) link monitoring No Yes
ports up/down delays Yes Yes
port priorities and stickiness (“primary” option enhancement) No Yes
separate per-port link monitoring setup No Yes
multiple link monitoring setup Limited Yes
lockless TX/RX path No (rwlock) Yes (RCU)
VLAN support Yes Yes
user-space runtime control Limited Full
Logic in user-space No Yes
Extensibility Hard Easy
Modular design No Yes
Performance overhead Low Very Low
D-Bus interface No Yes
ØMQ interface No Yes
multiple device stacking Yes Yes
zero config using LLDP No Planned

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